Real-World Study Reveals the Effectiveness of Sinovac’s COVID-19 Vaccine

A large-scale real-world study held in Chile to determine the efficacy of different COVID-19 vaccines has revealed that Sinovac’s vaccine was 58.5% effective in preventing symptomatic Coronavirus infection among millions of Chileans who received it between February and July this year.

According to details, Sinovac’s vaccine was 86% effective in preventing hospitalization, 89.7% effective in preventing admission to ICUs, and 86% effective in preventing deaths among 10 million vaccinated Chileans who participated in the study.


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In April, the same study found that Sinovac’s vaccine was 67% effective in preventing symptomatic infection, 85% effective in preventing hospitalizations, and 80% effective in preventing deaths.

Speaking on the development, Dr. Rafael Araos, the study’s lead investigator, said that Sinovac’s capacity to prevent the more serious impacts of the Coronavirus has strengthened. However, its ability to prevent symptomatic illness has decreased.

He added that reduction in the protection of Coronavirus vaccines against symptomatic infection was inevitable with time considering the arrival and increasing prevalence of highly transmissible strains such as the Delta variant.


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Dr. Rafael warned that Sinovac’s ability to protect against symptomatic Coronavirus infection could decrease even further in case the Delta variant becomes more widespread, calling on the healthcare authorities to issue an order for a mandatory third booster dose of the vaccine.

Chile had launched one of the world’s fastest COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in December last year. 60% of its eligible population has been fully vaccinated against Coronavirus, predominantly with Sinovac’s vaccine.