Spotify is Testing $1 Subscription With Unlimited Skips

Spotify is testing Spotify Plus, a new and cheaper subscription module that will contain ads but will give you unlimited skips. The company is still trying to find the right price for it as a few users have received the option to test it, but with different price tags.


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Some users received Spotify Plus for only $1 a month, which is a tenth of the usual Spotify Premium. Spotify Plus is essentially the free version of Spotify, but with some restrictions lifted.

For example, free users can only listen to playlists on shuffle and can only skip 6 tracks per hour. You have multiple playlists to choose from and can also create several of your own, but you always have limited skips and shuffle mode on.

However, with Spotify Plus, the app still contains ads, but you can play any song you like and skip your tracks as many times as you like.

The Verge reached out to the Spotify team which confirmed that they are, in fact, testing a new ad-supported subscription module but did not share any additional details.

Keep in mind that Spotify Plus is only in testing right now and may not be rolled out to the public anytime soon.

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Aasil Ahmed