Govt Hires Irish Firm to Examine Recent FBR Cyber Attack

The government has hired an Irish company as a third party to examine the damages caused by hackers to the data center of the Federal Board of Revenue, and the placement of all the necessary safety protocols.

The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) data center was reportedly shut down to scrutinize 100 percent of the data until Wednesday.

When the Federal Minister of Finance Shaukat Tarin was asked about the rumor that the hacked data has been sold on the dark web, he replied that it is not true.


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He stated that the government has hired the services of an Irish firm to examine the FBR’s data center and proceed with all the necessary safety protocols to prevent the repeat of such an occurrence.

Minister Tarin said that he will not permit the use of pirated software during his tenure and will ensure that registered software is used to avoid all kinds of data hacking.


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“An Irish company, as well as Tania Aidrus, has been assigned to scrutinize FBR’s data center and suggest ways to ensure full-fledged safety protocols,” he added.