Govt to Improve Business Environment And Ease of Doing Business to Boost Exports

The government will provide an improved business environment for the industrial sector and the Ease of Doing Business (EoBD) index, which will boost Pakistan’s exports by 2023.


Board of Investment and World Bank Group Launch 7th Reform Action Plan

This was said by the Commerce Advisor, Abdul Razak Dawood, on Wednesday, during his address at the launching ceremony of the Seventh Reform Action Plan. The event was organized by the Board of Investment (BoI).

The advisor added that the government’s measures would also boost foreign investment in the country. He said, “Pakistan’s rise in the last two years from 148 points to 108 points in the World Bank’s EoDB rankings report is a milestone in the growth of foreign investment in the country.”

He said that in addition to improving the EoBD, the government is also focused on reducing the costs of doing business in Pakistan for both local and international investors.


Meeting Held to Review Monetary & Fiscal Policies For FY22

BoI Secretary, Fareena Mazhar, informed that Pakistan had implemented six reforms action plans so far. She said, “Today we are gathered here to launch the seventh plan which is focused on improvements in firm entry regulations, reliability of electricity, tax regulations, trade regulations, creditors rights, better property rights, and court efficiency etc., and reforms in these areas play a major role in the process of economic development.”