Tarbela Dam Reaches Its Maximum Conservation Level

Tarbela dam reached its maximum conservation level at 1,550 feet on Wednesday, however, Mangla dam will not be able to fill its capacity this year.

Tarbela dam now has its maximum live storage capacity of 5.882 million acre-feet (MAF) which means that there would be enough water storage for the upcoming Rabi season in October.

However, the water level of the Mangla Dam on Wednesday was 1,198 feet, about 44 feet short of its full capacity which is 1,242 feet. This means that the Jhelum-Chenab reach would have to face water shortage during the Rabi season.

Meanwhile, the river inflows in Indus at Tarbela stood at 124,000 cusecs on Wednesday against 90,900 cusecs outflows while Kabul river inflows at Nowshera were recorded at 24,300 cusecs, and Jhelum at Mangla inflows stood at 18,300 cusecs against outflows of 38000 cusecs.

  • If even at this time of the year when Tarbela is full, and monsoon is still on, down stream Kotli flow to the sea is only 400 cusecs, then from where the new planned reservoirs will be filled?

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