US Ships 6.6 Million Doses of Pfizer Vaccine to Pakistan

The United States has shipped 6.6 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to Pakistan through its COVAX global distribution program.

The American Embassy in Islamabad highlighted the news in a tweet that read:

The U.S. has shipped another tranche of Pfizer vaccines to Pakistan. The 6.6 million doses will arrive in time to assist the Pakistani government to inoculate young and at-risk Pakistanis and mitigate the fourth COVID-19 wave.

It added that this will bring the total number of coronavirus vaccines that American has donated to Pakistan to 15.8 million. America is the largest contributor supporting COVAX’s efforts for worldwide access to the coronavirus vaccines.

Meanwhile, the National Command and Operating Centre (NCOC) has changed its vaccination guidelines for citizens below 18 years of age by allowing the administration of the Pfizer vaccine to teenagers under the age of 18.

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