Netizens Make Fun of Naseem Shah’s Photoshopped Birthday Wish to Shadab Khan

Pakistan’s young speedster, Naseem Shah’s hilarious birthday wish for all-rounder, Shadab Khan, on the popular social media platform, Twitter, caught the attention of Pakistani cricket fans as Naseem photoshopped the photo, replacing fellow fast bowler, Shaheen Afridi with Shadab.

Naseem tweeted, “Wishing you a happy, healthy, exceptionally rocking birthday today and always. Keep shining! Shadab Khan.”

The picture caught the attention of the Netizens as they noticed that Shadab has been photoshopped in the picture. One Twitter user posted the original photo in which Naseem and Shaheen can be seen wearing the same dresses.

Here is the original photo:

The Twitter user then uploaded a photo of Shadab and Naseem together and jokingly remarked that Naseem should have used this picture.

It is still unclear whether Naseem was trolling Shadab and Shaheen or if he did not have any photo with Shadab. Nevertheless, the hilarious birthday wish has since gone viral, leaving many social media users confused.