PCB to Get a Blank Cheque if Pakistan Beats India in World Cup

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, has revealed that a renowned business personality has promised a blank cheque if Pakistan beat India in the T20 World Cup.

He made these remarks during his maiden appearance before the Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination on Thursday.

“One strong investor told me that a blank cheque is ready for PCB if Pakistan beat India in the upcoming T20 World Cup,” Ramiz stated while stressing the need for improvement in the cricket economy.

Raja also informed the Senate committee that he had doubled up the salaries of domestic players so that they did not have to worry about their bread and butter.

“We have increased salaries of domestic cricketers by a hundred thousand rupees as we want to ensure that they earn at least four million rupees every year. PCB is also looking for sponsors in this regard,” he concluded.

  • One important thing want to bring cricket lovers notice that in international team youngster cannot play because at international level experience required ok I agree and come to PSL, no doubt it’s a huge league and there’s procedure or format and according to that format every team can pick players means that only 2,3 emerging players can play.. now important thing is that in national t20 tournament there is also only those players are playing, which are playing domestic cricket last 10 to 15years where is youngster, when youngster will get opportunity to prove their abilities… Bismillah, asif afridi, Malik, hafeez, Imran Khan, sohail Tanveer, Kamran, Khurram, sarfaraz, there are so many players who are 30 to 35years old,, I mean last 15years I am watching only these 40to 50 players, its mean 22croros people country just have these players. My sympathy is with youngster please give them opportunity so that they can also prove their self. Thanks

  • Our selectors are selecting team without searching past records of the players. Young lot without upper Chambers are NOT required.

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