Finance Minister Meets World Bank VP in Washington

The federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Shaukat Tarin, met the Vice President of the World Bank South Asian Region, Hartwig Schafer, and his team at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC.

The federal Minister for Energy, Mohammad Hammad Azhar,and the federal Minister for Economic Affairs Division, Omar Ayub Khan, and their teams attended the meeting virtually. The Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, Reza Baqir, Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan, the Secretary of the Finance Division, and senior officials also attended the meeting.

Minister Tarin reiterated that the government is fully committed to implementing structural reforms, protecting social spending, and boosting social safety nets to protect the vulnerable segments of society.

He commended the World Bank’s pivotal role in strengthening governance and service delivery through institutional reforms in Pakistan over the years.

The World Bank acknowledged that a lot of progress has been made on the implementation of structural reforms in various sectors and that it is necessary to keep the momentum up to achieve the projected growth targets.