Islamabad Police Rescues 2 Youngsters From Hiking Trail in Margalla Hills

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police on Monday successfully rescued 2 youngsters who lost their way on a hiking trail in the Margalla Hills.

According to details, Hamza Farukh and Abdul Sami set off for a hike on trail 5 in the morning. They decided to take a shortcut during the ascent but failed to return before sunset as they lost their way on the descent.

The two distressed youngsters called ICT Police’s emergency helpline 15 after a couple of hours when one of them eventually got cell signals on his mobile phone.

The call was forwarded to the CRT Team of the ICT Police, which immediately launched the search and rescue operation under the lead of SP City, Abdul Wahab, at 8 PM.

After a long operation that spanned over 4 hours, ICT Police managed to locate and rescue the lost youngsters from trail 5.

The two appreciated ICT Police for their immediate action, considering the fact that the number of common leopards in the Margalla Hills National Park has jumped up to seven.

IG ICT Police, Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman, and DIG Operations, Afzaal Ahmed Kausar, have lauded the CRT Team for successfully tracing and rescuing the lost youngsters.