PEMRA Directs TV Channels Not to Air Intimate Scenes

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has directed entertainment channels to air only modest and non-objectionable content.

A notification issued in this regard on 21 October asked television channels to refrain from showing intimacy between the couples.

The notice reminded all channels not to air “objectionable dramas/content based on indecent dressing, caressing, bed scenes and gestures, sensitive/controversial plots and unnecessary detailing of the event(s),” which the media watchdog said are “highly disturbing, distressing for the viewers” and against the commonly accepted standards of decency.

It said that the authority had been receiving numerous complaints against such bold scenes on Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP), PEMRA complaint call center, and feedback system.

The notification said that PEMRA had been criticized on WhatsApp groups as a large number of people believe that dramas are not depicting the true picture of Pakistani society.

“Hugs/caress scenes/extramarital relations, vulgar/bold dressing, bed scenes, and intimacy of married couple are being glamorized in utter disregard to Islamic teachings and culture of Pakistani society,” the PEMRA notification said, barring all satellite TV channels from broadcasting such scenes and ensure compliance with the PEMRA laws in letter and spirit.

Published by
Rizvi Syed