Senate Panel Raises Questions on Loopholes in Road Projects Worth Billions

The Sub-Committee on the Senate Standing Committee on Communications met at the Parliament House today to investigate the difference between the estimated costs of the completed and ongoing projects worth more than Rs. 1 billion during the period June 2008 to June 2021.

The meeting was convened by Senator Saifullah Abro and attended by Senator Kamil Ali Agha and senior officers of the Ministry of Communications.

While reviewing the details of the projects that were submitted by the ministry, the committee expressed concern for the loopholes in them. It was stated that information about all the incomplete projects begun in 2008 must be submitted to the committee.

While inquiring about the details of the BOT projects, the committee agreed that their minutiae must be included in the submitted information. Chairman Saifullah Abro warned the committee to be wary of tendering tactics in projects that often set the ground for corruption.

The attendees concurred that information submitted by the ministry requires more clarity, which is why a proforma developed by Senator Kamil Ali Agha was shared with them.

The chairman directed the ministry that information along the lines of the proforma, including the main abstract of the approved PC-1, the prequalification evaluation report, the tendering bidding evaluation report, and the final IPC, must be submitted to the committee

The committee also instructed the ministry to include the details of the projects pertaining to the 2010-11 floods.