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Sokon Tourer 250 Electric Minivan Launched in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has been actively trying to normalize electric cars (EVs) over the last two years to reduce environmental deterioration. One of its main agendas has been the adoption of all-electric commercial vehicles, which is yet to commence. Meanwhile, GuGu Motors Pakistan has launched an all-electric minivan called the ‘Sokon Ruichi Tourer 250’ in the country to further this initiative.

The new vehicle has a single electric motor that is powered by a 42 kWh battery pack, and the motor produces 80 hp and 200 Nm of torque which is sufficient for a commercial minivan.

Also, registration for the Ruichi Tourer 250 in Islamabad will be free of cost on account of it being an all-electric vehicle.

The van has a seating capacity for 11 passengers. It is claimed to have an all-electric range of 250 km besides fast and slow charging capability, dual-zone air-conditioning, regenerative braking, parking sensors, an android-based-infotainment system, and a 7 kW onboard AC charger. It can also be had with a cargo configuration which allows for a spacious loading area.

The EV is available for commercial use only, and a social media post by Tesla Industries (of which GuGu Motors is a subsidiary) highlights that it is currently “in stock”.

The text of the image reads: “Limited dealerships available. Must have a strong presence in the market,” which implies that the company has invited “limited dealerships” that have a “strong presence in the market” to obtain distribution rights in Pakistan, and that the vehicle is yet to be viewed frequently on the roads.

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