KIA Pakistan Increases the Prices of All Vehicles Except Sorento

Automakers finally seem to be succumbing to the mounting pressures of the challenges of logistics, raw materials, and supply chain issues, inducing a tsunami of price hikes that will sweep across the entire industry.

Kia Lucky Motors (KLM) has been the first to take the decision and has upped the prices of two of its most popular cars — the Picanto and the Sportage. The prices for Grand Carnival have been increased as well but not for Sorento.

The following new prices reportedly took effect on 8 November:

Vehicles Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Picanto Manual 1,781,000 2,050,000 269,000
Picanto Automatic 1,922,000 2,150,000 228,000
Sportage Alpha 4,294,000 4,650,000 356,000
Sportage FWD 4,782,000 5,150,000 368,000
Sportage AWD 5,270,000 5,650,000 380,000
Carnival GLS 8,699,000 9,199,000 500,000
Carnival GLS+ 9,499,000 9,999,000 500,000

There had been whispers of impending price hikes for several weeks, with automakers citing raw material shortfall and deteriorating value of the local currency as the culprits behind the increase in operational costs. These problems had also pushed automakers, including Kia, to suspend the bookings of some of their vehicles but the bookings of all the vehicles have now been resumed.

The current price hikes will impact the sales of individual vehicles but not the overall numbers as KLM has just launched a smaller Stonic SUV that is sure to gain rapid popularity in Pakistan. The added features, practicality, comfort, and value will allow the Stonic to have an advantage over the sedans and bolster the company’s overall sales.

  • The article begins with justifying the price hike… ignoring the fact that Kia has not been delivering the vehicles since 4 months and there is a heap of complaints against them. .
    Sadly Lucky motors has not proved to be a consumer friendly company. They are more vulnerable or rather in relationship to the exploitive investors.

    • That’s true I booked in may 21 Kia picanto but they have not delivered it yet it was due in November but now they are saying they will deliver in January 22

      • I also booked KIA picanto in May 21, and delivery time is in October, but they are asking me to pay the price difference and delivery time expected in Feb. end or in March.

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