Civil Aviation Authority Launches Hazard/Incident Reporting App

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has launched an Android app called the ‘Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System’ as part of its Director-General’s efforts to invite the general public, air traveling passengers, and aviation stakeholders to become part of the aviation safety culture.

The app covers a wide range of reporting areas like hazards, incidents, accidents, damages, deficiencies, violations, failures, and services. The aim of the hazard/incident reporting app is to provide a user-friendly platform for proactive/reactive identification, reporting of hazards, incidents, and safety issues directly to PCAA.

The application can be accessed and downloaded from Google Play Store, and the general public, air traveling passengers, and aviation stakeholders can now report hazards or incidents that may risk the safety of an aircraft and its occupants, or the operation of an airport, etc.

The complainant can also upload files and pictures with their report as evidence. Moreover, disclosure of the identification of the reporter/informer is optional.

PCAA believes that aviation safety is everyone’s responsibility and always prioritizes aviation safety-related issues. It continues to enhance aviation performance and quality and strives to provide the highest possible standards to meet customers’ satisfaction while maintaining zero tolerance for the violation of procedures and standards pertaining to the safe operation of aircraft in the interest of the general passengers.

Besides the app, the voluntary hazard/incident report form is also available on PCAA’s official website.

  • Thanks to newly introduced “App Culture” in Government sector, there is NOT a One-Window App for all Government related services. The mushroom growth of Government sector Apps seems to reach that level where there will be “One App for One Task”

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