Punjab to Impose Huge Fines on People Causing Lahore’s Smog

The Government of Punjab has decided to heavily fine people involved in the worsening of the smog in the province, and especially in Lahore.

Relief Commissioner Babar Hayat Tarar headed a meeting of the Steering Committee on smog in which it was decided that a fine of Rs. 2,000 will be imposed on motorists with smoke-emitting motorcycles and four-wheelers. Additionally, people involved in crop burning or using smoke-emitting brick kilns will be fined Rs. 50,000; and a fine of Rs. 50,000 fine was decided for smoke-emitting factories.

The provincial departments have also been directed to minimize the use of official vehicles by 50 percent to reduce the smog.

Furthermore, the Steering Committee authorized the deputy commissioners to ensure the effective enforcement of the decisions made in the meeting.

Prior to this, a Cabinet body was constituted to control the effect of smog in Punjab, and it decided that schools will be closed if the smog situation worsens.

  • A very great source of smog is burning of Rubbish and waste by the sweepers through our the year on the road sides and in the residential localities . The Dy commissioner and the agencies must take notice of this . The burning of waste not only create smog but very harmful for the health of all ages

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