Kuwait Likely to Launch a Long-Term Visa Scheme for Expats

Kuwait might grant long-term residency visas ranging from 5 to 15 years to expats living in the country.

The country is currently mulling over the plan to issue long-term residency visas to investors, business owners, commercial project heads, and CEOs.

According to the details, the government is considering amending the residency and work permit systems to increase the types of visas issued in the country, without the need to rely on the kafala sponsorship program.

However, this offer is just for expats who can contribute highly to the Kuwaiti economy.

Besides, this step will give more freedom to business owners, and investors who will no longer come under the Public Authority for Manpower’s jurisdiction.

The offer is for those expats who have lived in Kuwait for a long time and those who worked in the government and are financially stable to manage their affairs without the need to work.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior and the Public Authority for Manpower are still discussing the matter and no final decision has been taken.