Voluntary Separation Program Announced for PTCL & Ufone Employees

PTCL Group has brought a “Voluntary Separation Program -VSP” for all NTC employees of PTCL and Permanent & Insource employees of Ufone.

All NTC employees of PTCL and Permanent & Insource employees of Ufone are eligible to avail of the VSP except the following:

  • On probation
  • Already resigned
  • Already served with a termination notice
  • Under any formal investigation or disciplinary proceedings
  • Minimum service of less than one year in PTCL/Ufone
  • Age above 58 years as on 31 December 2021

The following categories of employees of PTCL and Ufone are ineligible to avail of the VSP:

  • Chief officers of PTCL and Ufone
  • Expatriates
  • Consultants or on period contract
  • Regular and NCPG employees of PTCL

According to details, the VSP has the following salient features:

  • Payout = Number of years Served X gross salary (minimum 4 gross salaries and max 12 gross salaries)
  • Special bonus of 3 basic salaries, in lieu of annual bonus
  • Continuation of medical facility for 6 months
  • Employees will also be entitled to all the terminal benefits as per their contract and company policies in vogue

The last date to opt for the program is 8th December 2021 and those selected will be required to serve till the end of December.

In an official statement, PTCL Group said that the integration of PTCL and Ufone functions has resulted in great advantages and new business avenues for both organizations.

“While the group is inducting sizeable fresh talent in both PTCL and Ufone, it has also created some overlapping roles. This situation has made reorganization inevitable for us to stay competitive in the market”, the statement read.

We, therefore, contemplated all possible options and decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity for those who are ready to embrace change and evolve. During the process of exploring the possible options, we kept our core value “We care” higher than the financial and legal aspects of employment.

“So, all eligible employees who are feeling a career ceiling here and aspire for something bigger, who are interested in entrepreneurial ventures but lack monetary resources, or who dream about some other career aspirations but can’t take the risk because of financial concerns; the VSP is their chance to take a step towards their dreams”, the statement concluded.

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