Report Makes a Shocking Claim About Police Rejecting Legit FIRs

The Lahore Police have turned down 16,000 legit first information reports filed by the citizens in the last ten months.

The matter has been officially discussed in the recent meetings of the police high-ups especially as it is the first incident of burking of crime figures in such a large number.

According to experts, the term ‘burking’ means that the relevant officials have failed to register crime and repressed the investigation process.

An official aware of the matter revealed that these crime complaints were not reported because the police wanted to show that the crime rate has diminished, adding that this immoral practice has denied people of their rights to see the criminals getting arrested and punished and to recover their stolen properties.

From 1 January to 31 October, citizens had filed 16,533 complaints of vehicle snatching, theft, robbery in all the six divisions of Lahore police, and the police were involved in fudging the crime.

According to the police experts, the efficiency of the police officers is determined by the acceleration or a decline in the crime rate, however, the data revealed that the officers in charge during that period did not record crime and manipulated the figures.

“The manipulation of crime figures was often touted as the worst precedent of unprofessionalism that has plagued the police department,” a senior police officer commented.

Via: Dawn

  • It is sad that this practice has been going on for decades and authorities are least interested in solving these issues.

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