These Are Pakistan’s Most Popular eSports Streamers

With the rising trend of video streaming on websites such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, DLive, Bigo Live, etc. the streaming industry has increased from 609 million in 2016 to 1.2 billion in 2020.

With Twitch accounting for 22% of the video gaming content revenue in 2020, it is estimated that in 2027, the video streaming industry will be worth $187.4 billion.

Video game streaming became popular with the rise in popularity of Twitch in the mid-2010s.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is when audio and video content is broadcast live over the internet. Users can easily watch or listen to the media in real-time, comment on it and share the content.

In the case of video game streaming, players broadcast themselves in real-time while playing games to a live audience.

Popular Video Game Streamers in Pakistan

Here are some popular eSports streamers in Pakistan that you should check out:


Qaiser Khan more popularly known as Qayzer Gaming has 87.8k subscribers on Youtube and counting. The 24-year-old entertainer streams GTA V under the pseudonym Tillu Galoch.

Here’s Qayzer Khan’s YouTube page.

Hybrid Gamer

Hybrid Gamer streams and posts on YouTube and currently has 70.3K subscribers. With more than 10 million views on his channel, he primarily streams Modern Combat 5, along with CSGO, PUBG, GTA, Fortnite, and many more.

Hybrid Gamer can often be found trending on Game Loft.

Here are Hybrid Gamer’s YouTube and Instagram pages.


Jahanzeb also popularly known as MrJayPlays won the PES 2020 Best Livestreamer Award.

The clan leader for RAPTR Gaming has over 637K subscribers on YouTube with more than 88 million views and counting. MrJayPlay was the first live streamer in Pakistan to trend on #1.

The game content creator also happens to be the official PUBG mobile partner in Pakistan and has collaborated with cricket legend Shoaib Akhtar.

Here are MrJayPlays’ YouTube and Instagram pages.


Ibrar Hanif, better known by his pseudonym GAMERVFX is a Pakistani-born American player. With 30.6K subscribers on YouTube, GamerVFX streams FPS, Battle Royale, etc., and on both Twitch and YouTube.

Here are GAMERVFX’s YouTube and Twitch links.


Zubair aka Predator is a PUBG streamer with over 489K subscribers and 45 million views on his YouTube channel.

Check out Predator’s YouTube here.


KhanSaab69 with 162K subscribers and over 10 million views can often be found streaming funny videos of PUBG and GTA V on his YouTube channel.

Check out KhanSaab69’s YouTube here.

Ragnar Live Gaming

With 192K subscribers and 23 million views on YouTube, Nabeel aka Ragnar Live Gaming is a Pakistani-born gamer based in Germany. Ragnar Live Gaming usually streams first and third-person shooter games.

Here’s Ragnar Live Gaming’s YouTube channel.

Merciless Medic

Female PUBG streamer Amber Iqbal aka Merciless Medic amassed 133K subscribers and over 7 million views on YouTube, since first starting in March 2019. Merciless Medic usually streams PUBG related content.

Check out Merciless Medic’s YouTube here.

Asma Rahoo

Another female PUBG streamer, Asma Rahoo has over 154K subscribers and more than 5 million views on YouTube.

You can watch Asma Rahoo’s YouTube channel here.

Doctor Marium Pikachu

Lahore-based PUBG streamer Doctor Pikachu has amassed 336K subscribers with over 14 million views on YouTube.

Check out Doctor Marium Pikachu’s YouTube here.


Ahmed aka MAD MD has over 12.7K subscribers with 586K views on YouTube. He streams PUBG, GTA, Valorant, CoD, and many others.

Watch MAD MD’s YouTube here.


Ayesha Samman aka Mythica is a Valorant streamer with 8.91K subscribers and 67K views on YouTube, and over 2.5K followers on Twitch.

Check out Mythica’s YouTube and Twitch pages.

Pakistani the Gamer

Popular streamer Pakistani the Gamer usually streams GTA V and talks about Pakistani mods in the game. Pakistani the Gamer has over 149K subscribers with 27 million views on YouTube.

Check out Pakistani the Gamer’s YouTube here.


DOTA 2 streamer Shiraz Akhtar aka Sh1zzY or Sh1zzyDota has only 960 subscribers on Youtube and 91K views with 6.9K followers on Twitch.

Watch Sh1zzY on YouTube and Twitch.

Umerz Mania

Muhammad Umer aka Umerz Mania has over 4.83K subscribers and 469K views and usually streams CSGO, PUBG, and many more on his YouTube channel

Check out Umerz Mania on his YouTube channel.


Lahore-based 21-year-old content creator Rehani aka Rehman Bhatt has over 36.4K subscribers and over 698K views. Rehani usually streams FPS games including Valorant, Apex, PUBG, and many more on YouTube.

Here’s Rehani’s YouTube channel.

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  • Oh welI ! I remember being a regular on Nabeel Bhai’s (Ragnar Live Gaming) Streams back in the days when he had Just started off. He had like 2k subs and he Made me a Moderator on his Channel. I felt so Cool because he was Growing so fast. I had very little interest in PUBG though. but then slowly I stopped going to his Streams at around when he had gained 30k subs. Good Times. Had a special Privilege in Nabeel bhai’s Discord and we could always talk to him cuz we were Mods.
    GamerVfX also came in his Streams at around when Nabeel Bhai had 5k subs. He kinda Used Nabeel bhai’s Stream’s Popularity to Jump start his Streaming career. I had Notifications on for both of them and noticed that he used to go live right after Nabeel bhai went live. Nabeel Bhai used to have a gtx970 card in start and then He upgraded to 1080 and that was very fun day.
    it’s been two years now that i have not been to his Streams. This article reminded me of Good times.

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