Telcos to the Rescue: Telecom Operators Introduce Special Offers for Tourists Stranded in Murree

Pakistan witnessed a dark winter day when dozens of tourists were left stranded in their cars during the heavy Murree blizzard this past week. Starving and shivering to death, families of over 22 tourists met an unfortunate end due to the unswerving snowfall.

It is reported that thousands of tourists are still stranded in the Murree hills and adjoining areas, awaiting help. Quick to the rescue, army troops and Rangers were deployed to save those who are still stuck in the heavy traffic and snow, fighting for dear lives.

Like always, Pakistan’s telecom sector has risen up to the challenge and tried in whatever way it could to help those in need. Quickly responding to the Murree incident as well, the telcos are extending their support by keeping people in touch with their loved ones in this time of crisis.

Showing themselves to be agile, decisive, and considerate, the telecom operators have offered customers different relief packages. Here is what the Pakistani telcos are offering to help those in need:


Proving itself to be one of the most caring brands, Zong has always spearheaded many CSR initiatives meant to ease things for the citizens of Pakistan.

Addressing the Murree incident, Zong is offering 100 free Zong to Zong minutes for 3 days for the customers who traveled to the affected areas of Murree/Ghaliyaat during the past week. By simply dialing *4466#, Zong customers will instantly receive 100 on-net minutes for the next three days to get in touch with their loved ones.

“At a time of national distress, Zong stands with the Pakistani people. Despite the difficult circumstances, our staff is doing their bit and working hard to keep life-saving communication systems operational to assist rescue operations and provide assistance to those who are trapped,” shared a Zong spokesperson.


Extending their support to those stranded in Murree and adjoining areas, Telenor has also offered free Telenor to Telenor calls to all their users so that they can stay connected at all times to their friends and family.



In a bid to aid the ongoing rescue operation in order to prevent any further loss, Ufone 4G has offered free on-net and PTCL calls for tourists stranded in the affected areas. Ufone customers can simply dial *4357# to receive unlimited free Ufone to Ufone and PTCL minutes to stay in touch with their dear ones.



Pakistani telecom operator Jazz has also enabled a free calling facility for tourists stranded in Murree and its surrounding areas so that they can get access to help easily. Jazz is offering free on-net and PTCL minutes for all its customers in the affected areas for the next three days.

Telcos in Times of Crisis

Pakistan’s telecom sector has always been at the forefront when it comes to extending a helping hand in times of disaster such as floods, earthquakes, and other calamities. When the pandemic hit globally, the telcos responded to those emergency measures in an efficient manner, connecting people to work, school, and their loved ones.

These small but very impactful efforts by the telecom operators are coming in handy as tourists have been stuck, awaiting rescue services. One free call can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

By helping individuals communicate with their loved ones and authorities is one of the best ways to guarantee safe evacuation in current times. These offers will definitely speed up the process of saving lives and aid the ongoing rescue service by helping authorities locate the stranded tourists.