HEC Warns Students Against Unrecognized Foreign Degree Programs

All international educational institutes that intend to offer foreign degree programs in Pakistan must seek official approval first, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has clarified.

In an official statement, HEC said that Section 10-1(d) of HEC Ordinance 2002 empowers the commission to prescribe any condition under which institutes, including those that are not part of the national educational setup, may be opened and operated all over the country.

Any international education institution that offers foreign degree programs in the country, either directly through its campus or franchise, without registering with the HEC under the Foreign Collaboration Policy or Transnational Education Policy, will remain unrecognized.

Students are advised against enrolling in such degree programs to save their time and money from going to waste. All the details about the institutions and degree programs that are accredited and recognized by HEC are available on its official website.

Any international education institution that is not listed in the above-mentioned link will be treated as fake, illegal, unlawful, and unrecognized under the laws of the country. Meanwhile, HEC will not recognize the degrees awarded under such foreign educational programs as well.

Besides, HEC has asked all concerned stakeholders to consult the HEC without starting any initiative regarding dual, double, and joint degree programs in collaboration with any international educational institutes. Otherwise, such degree programs will not be recognized by the HEC.