Islamabad to Encourage Cycling in New Traffic Plan

The Islamabad Master Plan Commission wants to make the federal capital cycling and pedestrian-friendly. It decided in a meeting with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Friday that a ‘smart traffic management’ system should be introduced for non-motorized transportation, according to a report by DAWN.

The plan entails the addition of cycling lanes, pedestrian walkways, crossings, and road signs to all the highways, and the elimination of roadside encroachments.

Parking plazas will be built in six different areas to alleviate traffic and parking problems, as per reports. Two of them will be constructed in Blue Area and four will be in F-8 Markaz, F-10, G-9, and I-8. There will also be designated parking zones to improve the parking system under the new plan.

Furthermore, the smart traffic management system will encourage carpooling and public transportation to minimize the number of vehicles on the roads.

The attendees of the meeting were also informed that Capital Development Authority (CDA) will launch a metro bus service that will run from Peshawar Mor to Islamabad International Airport (IIA) under interim arrangements. An international corporation will provide the buses for the service in March.

  • Wow!! An ideal dream, islamabad should be vehicle free city, only cycle should be used as means of transport. For childrrn and aged unable to use cycle, fodsial fuel free means of transport is recommended.
    This will be a unique capital of the world.
    We appreciate the CDA initative for cyclying city.

    • Islamabad is the city of VIPs, CIPs, bearucrats and parliamentarians, they never like and follow the culture of a common man. It’s just a wishful thinking and a utopia. Parking lots plaza,all paid, were essentially needed at least fifteen years back. We are always behind the time because it was not a will of all concerned.

  • Add more activities in F.9 . park
    Theres a lot to do within a city if u would plan..
    You cud make the city like Dubai

  • For particular area it may be good on weekends, but VIPs & bearucrats won’t accept it. However, what about physically handicapped persons? Still they have no legal privileges in capital city.

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