Pakistan to Locally Produce Semiconductor Chips Soon

The global semiconductor shortage is not going anywhere anytime soon. Industry experts and tech giants predict that the situation will not ease up until at least 2023.

Pakistan has now stepped in to help out. The government has proposed an ambitious plan to set up semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the country with the help of China. This should help make Pakistan self-sufficient in terms of modern gadgets and electronics.

Chaudry Fawad Hussain

This plan was revealed during an interview with Chaudry Fawad Hussain, the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting. He has discussed the plans with PM Imran Khan during his visit where they talked about shifting the semiconductor industry to the country.

The Federal Minister said:

We want Chinese tech companies to come to Pakistan and make Pakistan a hub of semiconductor manufacturing. We would also like to start semiconductor designing in Pakistan. I am very happy to tell you that Chinese investors are very keen to join hands with Pakistan and the technology zone will be converted into a semiconductor zone.

It is worth mentioning that Chaudry Fawad Hussain has also served as the Federal Minister for Science and Technology in the past. During that time, he signed numerous MOUs and agreements on semiconductor technology and has also collaborated with China to help train Pakistanis for semiconductor manufacturing skills.

PM Imran Khan has also had several meetings with China’s leading tech companies and both sides have agreed to enhance cooperation in software development, information and communication technology, medical diagnostic, and other related sectors.

The China Economic Net reported that this move will be highly beneficial not only to Pakistan but to China as well.

  • I hope that we don’t get the hopes of the people high.Unfortunately we didn’t do our homework when power generation projects were set up,so hopefully we have learned from it

  • ملکی تعلیمی نظام دور حاضر کے مطابق کئے بغیر یہ سب چیزیں لگ تو جائیں گی مگر مزید ترقی نہیں ہوسکے گی۔ مثال کے طور پہ ایسی انڈسٹری لگانے اور چلانے کے لۓ بندے بندیاں باہر سے بلوانے پڑتے رہیں گے۔۔۔

  • A very good news for tech industry.
    More electrical and electronic engineer and associate engineer will require.

  • Only this government has done many things for Pakistan which can only be realised in the next 3 – 6 yrs if it’s allowed to stay in power. For once, the looters are not in power and people in government are asking the right questions.

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