NADRA Introduces Centralized Complaint Management System

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a newly-designed NADRA Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS) to centralize and fast-track its grievance redressal process.

Previously, the authority received thousands of complaints every day on multiple platforms, i.e., phone helpline, Twitter, Facebook, Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, written applications/complaints, old complaint management system (CMS) as well as physical visitors.

Due to the dispersed mechanism, people often faced delayed and inefficient complaint resolution.

“The new NCCMS is a great leap forward in improving service delivery and a vast improvement on the previously dispersed arrangements that lacked a proper mechanism for tracking, categorizing, monitoring, and responding to complaints,” a NADRA official told the state-run news agency, APP.

With the new grievance redressal system, NADRA will be able to efficiently and promptly respond to queries and complaints of the general public availing its services, the official said.

The NCCMS portal is live on NADRA’s website where the citizens can directly file their complaints regarding any issues they face.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik said that seeing NADRA from the public eye prompted him to develop a single centralized system that could fast-track the grievance redressal process.

“NADRA is the largest public-facing organization at the national level that incurs a footfall of average 100,000 people daily at its 755 NADRA registration centers (NRCs), 263 Mobile Registration Vans (MRVS), and 10 overseas centers. NADRA’s online Pak-ID services are also available globally in more than 190 countries,” he added.