Lenovo Launches ThinkPad E15 and E14 G4 Budget Laptops

Without any prior announcement, Lenovo has silently introduced a new budget-friendly ThinkPad duo, ThinkPad E14 G4 and ThinkPad E15 G4, into the market. Skipping an announcement is nothing new for the E series, which will be receiving a rather small CPU update this year.

The 16:9 aspect ratio design of the previous iteration of the ThinkPad series falls in line with the new models as well. In terms of the display, the Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 4 comes with a 15″ display while the E14 Gen 4 sports a 14″ screen.

As far as the connectivity options are concerned, both models come with USB 2.0 ports which seems a far cry from what was initially expected. It should, however, be noted that the new models do not come bearing any new features and only reflect some minor updates over their predecessors.

However, the CPUs are different with the Ryzen 5000 Barcelo-U series replacing the Rembrandt of the previous model. These CPU models come with limited functionality when compared with the Ryzen 6000. From what we’ve known so far, it seems, however that affordability might be the key selling point for the ThinkPad E14 and E15 G4.

While we still await an official announcement from the company regarding the pricing and detailed spec sheet of the new Lenovo ThinkPad E15 and E14 G4 series, their not-so-hefty price tags continue to attract user attention to the models.