Samsung Galaxy S22 is Quite Easy to Break [Video]

Every new generation of smartphones gets the latest and greatest Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The latest version is called the Gorilla Glass Victus+ which boasts enhanced scratch and drop protection, but it is apparently not enough to protect flagship phones.

You would think that a flat screen would give it an advantage over curved displays, which are usually weaker than flat panels, but that is not the case here.

YouTuber PBKreviews performed a drop test on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and it shows how easy it is to crack the phone’s screen despite the Victus+ protection. The YouTuber dropped the flagship phone face-first on the pavement from waist height. This cracked the phone’s screen from the side, but it was still functioning fine.

That being said, a screen protector is quite important to have on the Galaxy S22.

Keep in mind that the official screen replacement from Samsung can cost as much as Rs 17,000 – Rs 20,000 in Pakistan. But if you’re subscribed to the Samsung Care+ program then the repair cost will drop quite a lot. Even though the back panel is stronger, it still isn’t immune to damage. Maybe there will be a day when we can safely use our phones without a screen protector and a case, but that day is certainly not today.