UBL Customers Are Reporting Malicious Account Activity Including Fund Withdrawal

The customers of the United Bank Limited have found themselves clueless lately as they are receiving messages of fund transfers, bill payments or online purchases without their knowledge or consent.

Apparently, scores of the customers of one of the leading banks of Pakistan have complained that they have lost their money in the last couple of days as the banking services are facing a technical issue.

We do not know the reason behind such incidents, but strong speculation is that the UBL data got breached.

Another possible reason could be debit card hacking, which is done by hijacking ATM machines. In such instances, information on debit cards is duplicated when inserted into the machine. Key pins of the card are also stolen through key loggers installed and then these cards are used on the internet.

The aggrieved customers were briefed by the bank’s representatives that services are being faced with issues and that bank is trying hard to fix the issues.

Customers further reported that their cards were blocked on a temporary basis.

Informed sources told ProPakistani that UBL’s data has been compromised due to which these transactions happened. These claims were, however, not verified independently.

Many customers even took to Twitter and other platforms to discuss the issue.

ProPakistani contacted a spokesman of United Bank Limited for their comments on this issue but they have not responded yet.

Since UBL hasn’t responded to our questions, neither it has updated its customers through social media, it is hard to ascertain the scope or type of damage done.

In the recent two years, as the use of digital banking has been increasing, the issues of data breaches have surfaced very frequently in Pakistan, despite the banking regulator and relevant ministry issuing a strict policy on cybersecurity.

Not only banks but various departments including the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Ministry of Finance have also faced data breaches in the past six months. Financial institutions in the public and private sectors should come up with a comprehensive strategy to protect their customers and systems from hacking attempts.

  • mere ubl se bi 5 transaction hoi hai aur card automatic block hogia hai ab unhone new card issue kia hai mujay

  • This is also happening to me that’s why I have stopped using ubl acc. Several times my account got debited without any notification. I deposited some amount and after some time open the acc and wow, like 2k or 3k amount is deducted and the app also don’t have any log for that transaction.

    UBL should have maintained the integrity of being a bank. This should not happen to then.

  • #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور

    What you expect in this imported government of theives???????

    • Is mein Imported Government ki koi ghalti nahi hai, UBL aik Private Bank hai aur yeh un ki responsibility hai keh hamaray funds un k pas safe & secure rehein. Aap loug har baat mein Government ko bura bhala nahi bola karein. It’s just like keh mein Karachi (Sindh) ka citizen hun aur yahan k kharab roads aur pollution ko le kar Imported Government ko ya Imran Khan ko bura bhala bolun? Jee nahi, Yeh Sindh Government ki mistake hai, Sirf wohi qusurwar hain is k. Is hi tarha yeh UBL ki mistake hai, Hope you understand…

  • Dear All,
    I use my UBL account massively in mobile App as well as on ATM. I am from Islamabad and have an IT background. All of you please share two things:

    a). The city you live in and the city you used Card in last 60 days.
    b). Did you use the card on Internet (website) to may any purchase? If yes, then there is an issue, no matter if you use to pay online all the time. This time there is an issue.
    b) Did you checked your account statement history, does it show the deduction?

    I never ever faced any of such issues in the history neither anyone in my circle, most of people in my circle (100 approx. ) use UBL account. Yes it’s true my friend.

    Forget about the bank Brand, security and privacy is a critical matter and everyone should carefully analyze the facts and possible causes so the actual problem /threat can be spot lighted.

  • Yes this also happen to me last month april 15, at 11:30pm.. My card charged saveral time.. 750 and 1.5K Rupees.. And in just 4,5 min 20K deducted from account.. I’m active at my phone.. So i immidiatly send my all money to another bank account… And save my remaining money.. Then i fullfill depute form.. But till now there is no responce from UBL.. Whats happining with UBL…

  • Same thing happened with my mother’s UBL Debit MasterCard. Last night on 23 April 2022 at 10:27:36 PM her card was charged for SAR 21.99 at Google vio.

    We have never used this card in any ATM Machine ever. So it is 100% that UBL has a Data Breach.

  • I had a declined transaction on my UBL card 3 months ago. Submitted the dispute form and filed a complaint (received a complaint tracking number). I have been waiting since then to get my money back but they keep giving me new dates for the resolution of the issue.

    This bank has become useless and they are now taking money from people fraudulently.

  • This happened with my Card almost one year ago , complained but Customer Service was pathetic , instead of taking responsibility they blamed me that why we do international transactions and should block our card .
    This was ridiculous for me , what’s the use of card if u can not be used.
    UBL should train their employees to take these matters seriously , after that I put low amount in my UBL BANK account .
    This is the only solution.

  • Same happened with me Today, 1900 aur 4500 ki 2 transactions hui hain. Apple.com sy kuch purchase ki gaye, i have also blocked my ATM and transferred my money to other bank.

    • Contact apple.com and share the details of transaction being done so that they cancel the order. Also contact the UBL branch manager and don’t go alone. I had amount reversal issue and taken 7 to 10 people with me and issue resolved in 2 days. If you go alone they will not take seriously. Unfortunately most are PAINDO managers and understand different language.

  • A few days ago, Rs. 8,000 has been withdrawn from my account. MasterCard has been charged with 2,000 2000 transactions. I quickly blocked my ATM. No, what has happened to UBL Bank?

  • Last night on 23.04.2022 at 2100 hrs to 2138 hours my UBL Account also debited with SAR 21.99 equivalent to Pak Rs. 1078.03 times. I came to know at Sehri time when I saw my Cell phone showing those transactions which i not willfully executed. I immediately put an email to UBL today morning and made a call to Customer Care. They require some Dispute Resolution Form through my UBL Branch.
    Can anybody guide me whether UBL will resolve the issue and the amount will be pay back to me. Thanks

    • yes, I had faced this issue during the month of Feb. I had submitted the Disputed Form and application to the bank, after a 70-days process, the bank has refunded my money.

  • I’m also faceing a problem last 3 month balanced deducted and there is no details

  • I am from lahore and 2 days before at 1.15 and 1.20 am late night my ubl card was charged 2400 for food panda. I was surprised to see this. I urgently block my card on mobile and save it.

  • On 18th of April Rs.1800 were debited to my account, neither used ATM nor any cheque. no explanation/reply still from the bank.

  • This happened with me in this February.I lost my 29k .and no remittance has been made.

  • Ubl is definitely the worst bank of Pakistan. Their staff and service is Pathetic and very rude.

  • Ubl is unsecured bank..6 months ago my card was charged 40$..I complained to bank they block my card and ask me for dispute form
    After 4 months no results of dispute form.. Even they don’t know how card was hacked. Still no payment refund…
    After 4 months i activate new debit card but they don’t give me any warranty that your card will not hacked again…I am using card my own responsibility

  • ubl take action from yesterday,ATM card MasterCard and visa card not charge on internet or pos without session activation by calling ubl Helpline if you want to use card or to purchase online.. means now all accounts is safe and secure no need to worry don’t share card number expiry date and CVV code with anyone..

  • Ubl very lazy service,
    I have bad experience in Ubl.
    I also lost money yesterday without any proof and I am unaware about these transactions.

  • Same happened with me I have lost my approx 26500Pkr in different small transactions in few seconds to apple.com

  • Everyone, please leave UBL and other such banks and use Meezan bank, its Best bank.

  • The customers of the United Bank Limited have found themselves clueless lately as they are receiving messages of fund transfers, bill payments or online purchases without their knowledge or consent.

  • If you were asked to fill the dispute form then expect your amount reversal in 10 to 12 months. I had issue once with foodpada and UBL taken around 11 months to reverse the amount. Fir everyones information there is no way to call the online payment processing helpline neither the swift transactions. UBL only provide general services on their helpline. And this is unfortunately the case with every other bank in Pakistan. Staff is indeed bad as govt employees.

  • My UBL MASTERCARD is also hacked on 14th April, 2022. I have been charged 14.58 USD on WALMART. I stopped using my card and didn’t order a new one. I will use my checque book until I change the bank.

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