Gwadar Deep-Sea Port Unable to Handle Large Ships

The indifference and negligence of authorities have led to a reduction in the depth of the Gwadar deep-sea Port to only 11 meters, which means it currently cannot harbor large ships.

The silting in the berths and channels has turned it into a normal port that is unable to receive large ships, an official source told ProPakistani.

Gwadar Port is a warm-water, deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Balochistan. The length of the approach channel to the port is 4.7 km. The channels were not been dredged during the last three-and-a-half years of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government and a lot of silt has accumulated in them and reduced their depth, the source said.

The depth of channels and berths should be at least 14.5 meters to handle large ships, the source mentioned and added that silting had reduced the port’s depth, which was originally 18 meters, to 11 meters, rendering it unable to harbor large ships.

In response to a query, the source said that routine dredging is not expensive but since the previous government had completely ignored the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the port was not properly maintained. The deep-sea port can essentially receive large ships but the dredging process that will enable it to do will cost Rs. 7 billion, the source claimed.

  • Sab Kahaniyan Lagti hyn. pese batorney key liye.. aj khayal agaya ky large ship nhin lag sakti due to mati kafi agai.. herat hy.

  • I know gwadar port. This story seems to be fabricated. Would Mr Zakir share his sourses of information. Sources seems to be weak links. Rejected.

  • it is quite possible that now Chinese are not interested in Gwadar as Pakistani government is not capable to seal its borders with Iran and Afghanistan nor is willing to track and trace criminals in lawless KPK , Baluchistan and Sindh.

    Now huge vessels like evergreen can easily transport huge number of containers from Chinese ports to ME, EU and NA why would they invest more in Gwadar?

    west has installed their puppets in Pakistan and now Indian and their interests all are against the Chinese. Pakistan has to look away from the west and understand that they have joined forces with India against Pakistan.

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