Pakistan’s Largest Textile Exporter Transports Workers in Decades-Old Buses

Ill-treatment of daily wage workers by large corporations is a common practice in most parts of the world and Pakistan is no different. One would expect that a company exporting textile products worth millions of dollars each year would accommodate its workers in the best possible manner.

However, this is not the case when it comes to Lahore’s ‘US Apparel and Textile.’ The US Group is an apparel and denim manufacturing company and is among Pakistan’s top exporters of denim.

Last week, one social media user pointed out that the US Group offers pick and drop to its workers in dilapidated buses amid extreme heat.

The social media user also urged the management of US Apparel and Textile to look into the matter and ensure its workers are provided with better transport services.

ProPakistani tried to contact the senior management of the US Group numerous times. However, the company’s senior management did not respond.

Interestingly, the US Apparel and Textile did not respond to the social media post as well. However, the company shared a video as an indirect response to the social media post.

The video states that occupational safety is the top priority of the US Group. The health, safety, and wellbeing of its workers are the top target areas in the company’s Sustainability Challenge 2022.

Clearly, the video shared by the US Apparel and Textile is in contradiction with the social media post and it only exposes the hypocrisy of one of Pakistan’s largest exporters.

  • The same is happening in Faisalabad. MTM, Kalash, Sadaqat, and Interloop are some big names that are exploiting workers with these old buses. Not a single one of them has modern city buses for workers.

  • I next Mohsin and I personally saw the unbearable condition of transport provided to general staff by Sitara group, Crescent, Riffan etc. They indeed provide AC vehicles to senior staff which clearly shows how shamelessly they treat labour just because they are less valuable for them.

  • This is the case with every industry in pakistan…..government should action against factory owner to provide best trasport

  • Actually it’s a Saith specific attribute. It’s not just common in the manufacturing or textile industry, but in the social development sector and other sectors too. Basically, where ever there is a Saith, there is exploitation

  • A remark by a foreigner visitor ” Why all Pakistani businesspeople try to impress foreign visitors/customers with their lavish houses, the huge buildings /industries, and expansive cars, when I couldn’t ever see a single decent bathroom for workers in any of the industry in Pakistan?”. Creating a respectful working place for workers and their well being is responsibility of the owner of the business, and there are laws governing this. But unfortunately industrialists do not follow rules to create comfortable working conditions in their industries, and the government departments, collecting billions in taxes (read money), have no interest in enforcing these laws. The situation is even worst for female industrial workers.

  • Many industries do not provide any Transport Service to its workers and worker are travelling on local transport.

    It think it should be appreciated instead of criticizing if any factory is providing transport service to its workers.

  • That’s why we don’t have unicorn startups and billion dollar industries. We don’t care about employee. Also Govt can’t do anything about them as they will start blackmailing them to close the business.

  • Nestle Sheikhupura, Fatima Fertilizer formerly Dawood Hercules and Nishta Chunian has have good and decent ways of transportation.
    Remaining as above mentioned I would say. As chicken grows or became heavy as gets low weight or small 🥚 egg. That’s all here 😌.

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