3 Pakistani Cities Rated Among World’s Top 5 Hottest Places Today

With no immediate respite in sight in the prevailing extreme weather conditions across the country, three Pakistani cities have been named among the top five hottest places in the world today.

At the time of writing, D.I. Khan, Jacobabad, and Nawabshah are the Pakistani cities among the top five hottest places and have recorded extreme temperatures.

According to details, D.I. Khan has already reached 48.4°C and is the second hottest place on earth today. Jocobabad and Nawabshah have recorded 48°C and both jointly occupy the fourth spot among the top five hottest cities in the world.

Overall, Banda (India) is the hottest place in the world today, recording a temperature of 49°C. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) is the third hottest place on earth today, recording a temperature of 48.3°C. Among the 15 hottest places on earth today, three are in Pakistan and two in Saudi Arabia while the remaining are in India.

Let’s take a detailed look at the 15 hottest places on earth today.

Sr. No. Place Country Temperature Rank
1. Banda India 49°C 1st
2. D.I. Khan Pakistan 48.4°C 2nd
3. Jeddah Saudi Arabia 48.3°C 3rd
4. Jacobabad Pakistan 48°C 4th
5. Nawabshah Pakistan 48°C 4th
6. Churu India 47.9°C 6th
7. Pilani India 47.7°C 7th
8. Ganganagar India 47.6°C 8th
9. Jhansi India 47.6°C 8th
10. Arafat Saudi Arabia 47.5°C 10th
11. Narnaul India 47.5°C 1oth
12. Khajuraho India 47.4°C 12th
13. Nowgong India 47.4°C 12th
14. Hissar India 47.3°C 14th
15. Datia India 47°C 15th


  • These numbers do not include the
    Turbat, Pakistan, which is still proposed from 48 C and summer has come here to 54 C.

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