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Toyota Drops a Price Hike Bomb On its CBU Car Buyers.

Amid the continued depreciation of the local currency against the US Dollar, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has increased the prices of its Completely Built-Up (CBU) vehicles.

According to recent updates, the company has hiked its CBU prices by up to almost Rs. 2 million. With the exception of Toyota Land Cruiser and LC Prado, the new prices for all CBU imports are as follows:

Models Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Toyota Prius 13,389,000 14,649,000 1,260,000
Toyota Corolla Cross Base Grade 11,179,000 12,249,000 1,070,000
Toyota Corolla Cross Mid Grade 11,959,000 13,099,000 1,140,000
Toyota Corolla Cross High Grade 12,249,000 13,419,000 1,170,000
Toyota Rush G Manual 7,329,000 8,009,000 680,000
Toyota Rush G Automatic 7,619,000 8,329,000 710,000
Toyota Camry 21,329,000 23,319,000 1,990,000

Last week, Toyota increased the price of the all-new Land Cruiser from Rs. 72.5 million to Rs. 80 million, which amounted to an increase of Rs. 7.5 million.

After the recent price hike, Toyota IMC’s CBU cars in particular have become almost unobtainable. However, the government’s primary goal for the auto sector is to discourage CBU imports and promote sales of locally manufactured cars. This implies that all other CBUs are about to meet the same fate as Toyota.

  • Good decision. Car sales were going down for last few months due to hikes every other day. Now they will rot in showrooms waiting for non existent buyers.

  • These Car Companies think people are stupid. I’m convinced that they are trying to run out of business. But tbh the majority of the blame lies with the greedy investors and not with the companies themselves.

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