Islamic University Runs Out of Water

Hostelites and day scholars of the Islamic International University Islamabad (IIUI) have been protesting against the university’s administration over the unavailability of water in the hostels for the last two days.

Speaking in this regard, students condemned the administration for failing to ensure the provision of water despite taking exorbitant hostel fees from them.

One of the students said that the hostelites had been informing the administration about the impending shortage of water since the start of the summer season in Islamabad.

However, the administration did not pay heed to their warnings and now students are bearing the brunt of the administration’s incompetence in the scorching heat in Islamabad.

Another student said that hostelites have been forced to collect money and arrange water tankers for themselves, adding that they won’t be able to sustain this additional financial burden for long.

The protesting students have vowed to continue the protest until the university administration takes notice of the issue and ensures a continuous supply of water.