Govt Approves Hajj Policy 2022

The Federal Cabinet, through circulation, has approved Hajj Policy 2022, fixing Rs. 0.9 million as the tentative amount of Hajj cost.

According to the Hajj Policy 2022, Rs. 850,000 has been estimated as a tentative amount of the Hajj cost that shall be collected from the Hujjaj availing Government Hajj Scheme, an official source told ProPakistani.

The additional Rs. 50,000, which has already been received as token money from the Hujjaj at the time of submission of the application, will also be included in the cost, the policy said. The difference in amount shall be adjusted as per actual expenditures announced by KSA.

Hajj Policy 2022, presented to the Federal Cabinet by the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (MoRA&IH), has been approved by the Federal Cabinet through circulation. The Hajj quota allocated to Pakistan for 2022 is 81,132. This shall be distributed between Government and private Hajj Schemes at a ratio of 40:60, i.e, 32,453 and 48,679, respectively.

As per the policy, 1,000 seats of the total seats under the government scheme shall be reserved for hardship cases, while 200 seats shall be reserved for labor/low-paid employees of companies registered with EOBI and the Workers Welfare Fund. The selection will be made through separate balloting. There shall be no provision in the policy for free Hajj, the source said.

The selection of Government Hajj Scheme pilgrims has been made through computerized balloting on 15 May 2022. Implementation of KSA Taleemat (instructions) for Hajj Operation 2022 shall be ensured ( Like age limit, vaccination, PCR test, etc.).

Only those applicants, including Hajj-e-Badal/Nafal Hajj, would be eligible for Hajj 2022, who have not performed Hajj under the Government scheme for the last five Hajj, i.e., since Hajj 2015. Mehram repeaters (Males) who have performed Hajj within 5 years (2015 to 2019) shall be eligible, provided they apply with their family female(s) who have not performed Hajj within the last five years.