Beti and Youth General Assembly Sign MoU for Female Inclusion in Policy Interventions

The media and advocacy program, Beti, also known as ‘Betinomisogyny’, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Youth General Assembly (YGA) to collaborate for female inclusion and participation in policy interventions and the political landscape of Pakistan.

Founder and CEO Beti, Ramma Cheema, and the Joint Secretary YGA formally signed the partnership on Thursday in Lahore. Under it, Beti and the YGA will collectively advocate for women-centric issues to change societal attitudes towards women.

Behavior changes that challenge detrimental patriarchal mindsets are crucial for society’s growth and both organizations intend to synergize to design programs, research, and contribute to their existing models.

Speaking on the occasion, Cheema remarked, “Even though we see change but it is still very slow and requires a more systematic multi-layered approach. For us, digital platform and advocacy have been key and we hope this partnership will help in achieving our collective aim of gender mainstreaming in politics and equality in the real sense”.

Beti focuses on raising awareness and encouraging female-oriented behavioral changes while striving to work for the financial and social elevation and inclusion of women and girls to break barriers and stereotypes. Initiated by gender equality activist Ramma Cheema in 2019, it essentially advocates against misogynistic behavior towards females and the protection of human rights, and operates to facilitate the eradication of inequality and bias towards women and girls.