Govt’s Latest Financial Assistance Helpline Actually Leads to an Islamic Portal

In his inaugural address to the nation last month, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif warned the masses of the devastating consequences of economic adjustments, foreshadowing an unprecedented increase in the prices of petrol, electricity, and gas.

In a follow-up press conference later, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Maryam Aurangzeb, said that the government will provide Rs. 2,000 to the families having a collective total monthly income less than Rs. 40,000, enabling them to get through the country’s toughest economic phase to date.

She added that the government has already opened the registration in this regard and eligible families can register themselves by calling on ‘786’ helpline from their mobile phones.

However, citizens have claimed that there is no government helpline on 786, asking that whether the government is serious about providing financial relief to the masses.

When checked through different telecom service providers, the call to 786 leads to Islamic portals on some SIMs while nothing happens and the call ends automatically on other SIMs.

Therefore, the government is requested to rectify the error and communicate a working helpline to the already financially overburned public facing record hikes in the prices of petrol, electricity, and gas.

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