Amir Gives Befitting Answer to Rohit Sharma Over Ordinary Bowler Comment

Former pacer, Mohammad Amir, has stated that everyone has an opinion and that it is impossible for everyone to consider him a world-class bowler, which is why he does not take Rohit Sharma’s statement seriously.

While speaking to a private news channel, Amir said, “I don’t take Rohit Sharma’s statement seriously. Everyone has his own opinion and it is impossible that everyone regards me as a world-class bowler.”

Commenting on Amir’s performance during the Asia Cup in 2016, Rohit stated that it was wrong to regard Amir as a world-class bowler because he needed to prove it over and over again.

Amir bowled brilliantly against India on his return to international cricket after a five-year absence, finishing his four-over spell with figures of 3/18 which included wickets of Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, and Suresh Raina.

Responding to Rohit’s description of him as an ordinary bowler, Amir said, “There is nothing to be felt bad about it, and as a professional, we should not take such things in a negative way. You cannot be everyone’s favorite.”

Amir was also on fire against India in the Champions Trophy final in 2017, when he got Rohit for a golden duck before dismissing Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan to help Pakistan to victory.

Amir went on to say that he considers Rohit a world-class batter despite his struggles against swinging deliveries, adding that he has bowled well against him every time they faced each other.

“No doubt he is a world-class batsman. I bowled well every time I faced Rohit and he struggled while facing me, still, I will call him a world-class player,” Amir added.

It is worth noting that the then-world number one batter, Virat Kohli, rated Mohammad Amir as one of the most difficult bowlers to face.