Fertilizer Black Marketers and Profiteers Faced Imprisonment: MoIP

The Secretary for Industries and Production has stated that the people responsible for supplying fertilizers have been found selling urea at exorbitantly higher prices and even in black market.

This was revealed in a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production that was chaired by Senator Khalida Ateeb.

The secretary said that the supply of urea during the sowing seasons still does not meet the demand for it, primarily because of a shortage of the supply of gas. He added that, the government took quick actions and those who had been found selling fertilizers in the black market have been arrested and imprisoned.

Senator Fida Muhammad mentioned that dealers are selling urea to farmers on the condition that they also purchase a certain amount of di-ammonium phosphate (DAP).

The Secretary for Industries and Production responded that the government had allowed the conditional sale of DAP in the past. However, under the current policy, action is being taken against those who sell urea fertilizer conditionally.

He added that the prices of urea had risen sharply and the government had reduced them to a fixed price of Rs. 1,950 per 50 kg bag, to avoid its black marketing.

Ministry officials also revealed that the annual demand for urea fertilizer in the country is 80 million metric tons and that it is important to have a buffer stock of urea fertilizer in the country.