Shahid Afridi Hopes Babar XI to Produce Good Results in Next World Cup

Former all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, has expressed confidence that the team that will compete in the 2022 World Cup in Australia possesses all of the necessary abilities and that the pitches in Australia are good enough.

“The team which will go for the 2022 World Cup in Australia has all the required skills, such as bowling strength, all-rounders along with players who can play attacking cricket. The pitches are also good in Australia so I’m hoping that this team will produce a good result.”

While emphasizing the importance of team management, Afridi said, “The important thing is man-management; coaching comes after that. The players have already played international cricket so it is all about managing them.”

Afridi praised the coaching staff, saying that Saqlian and Yousuf have done an excellent job and that the players compliment management whenever he speaks with them. He hasn’t gotten any negative remarks, which is a good sign.

When asked about the 2009 T20 World Cup, Afridi stated that seniors and the captain were crucial in keeping the team motivated despite a difficult start and that they all supported Younis Khan as captain.

“Seniors and captain played a very important role in ensuring that the team remains motivated despite a tough start. We all supported Younis Khan, who was leading the side.”

Speaking about the unfortunate incident in 2009 that impacted Pakistan cricket, Afridi said, “The Sri Lankan team incident had already taken place and no cricket was being played in Pakistan which is why our people had high expectations from us.”