Punjab Police Gets New Vehicles Worth Rs. 93 Crore

The Punjab Police Department acquired new vehicles worth Rs. 930 million for operational purposes on Tuesday, according to a report by  24News.

The vehicles include buses, Elite Force vans, Special Protection Unit (SPU) vehicles, and three All-Purpose Vehicles (APV).

Land Cruisers and larger cars were reportedly not purchased along with these vehicles.

Lahore police was allowed to purchase armored vehicles to deal with sensitive operations and emergencies and the Government of Punjab had approved the procurement of 35 vehicles for the Elite Force and the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) this month. However, it had been pending for the last two years.

A news report earlier revealed that, on average, most police stations in Pakistan have only two 2016 model vehicles. The recent purchase is a way to address the transport issues of the Punjab Police due to the lack of resources and limited funds.