New Dates Announced for Pakistan Auto Show 2022

After a number of delays due to COVID-19 restrictions in the country, the Pakistan Auto Show 2022 (PAPS-22) is finally set to captivate automotive enthusiasts next month.

According to details, the PAPS-2022 will be held from 29-31 July at the International Expo Center in Lahore.

Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) organizes PAPS every year and the theme for this year’s auto show is “Made in Pakistan.”

Like every year, automakers will unveil new vehicles at PAPS 2022. Automotive enthusiasts, analysts, and the general public are extremely keen on getting a glimpse into the future of the local car industry.

Speaking in this regard, Chairman PAAPAM, Abdul Razzaq Gauhar, said that the interest of local and international consumers and investors in PAPS has increased significantly with the growth of the auto industry in Pakistan.

The local auto industry has immense potential to grow exponentially in the coming years. Keeping this fact in mind, PAAPAM will continue providing automakers a platform in the form of PAPS to display their upcoming products.

  • People are more interested now in fuel efficient cars like hybrid or electric…..which give more mileage with less energy cost.

  • I wish automakers look forward to produce fully electric city cars and hybrid car conversion kits.

    • I think some small automakers should join hands with the bigger ones to convert their current production cars to a hybrid which will not void the warranty of vehicles. So the company has both options the hybrid or electric ones and the convention ice engine one and at least this should be done in lower segment cars like Alto, Picanto, Saga, etc.

  • I am not really sure of hybrid vehicles scope in Pakistan currently. I think affordable cars with better safety precautions and better raw fuel assumptions would be the main focus of coming years speaking by stability point. This is just personal point of view any kind suggestion is highly appreciated.

  • Black money earners show actually. Pakistans k tamam haram qamaney waley yahin ayn gy. Zamin phatey aur yea sab gharat ho jayn, Amin

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