Honda Massively Increases Bike Prices Giving No Reason Yet Again

Atlas Honda has announced yet another massive price hike for its motorcycle lineup, with the new prices coming into effect from 1 July, Friday.

This is their third price hike within two months, with the first two taking effect in May. Overall in 2022, this is their fifth price hike. As always, the company has not given any reasons for the price hike.

Here are the revised prices of all Honda bikes.

Sr. No. Model Current Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.) New Price (Rs.)
1. CD 70 106,500 5,000 111,500
2. CD 70 Dream 113,500 6,000 119,500
3. Pridor 144,900 6,000 150,900
4. CG 125 168,500 6,000 174,500
5. CG 125 SE 198,500 7,000 205,500
6. CB 125F 253,900 10,000 263,900
7. CB 150F 308,900 15,000 323,900
8. CB 150F SE 312,900 15,000 327,900

Even though the company hasn’t provided a reason behind the price hikes, we can only speculate that the industry has been affected by rising steel and packing material costs, which in turn affects the bike prices. Rising inflation and US dollar rates aren’t making things easier either.

  • Pakistan Government must immediately allowed SME’s of Bike industry to Start Made in Pakistan Plastic Body Scooties manufacturing under discounted tax rates to support Poor segment of our Society, we are alredy Five years late in Electric Two Wheelers industry than India….

  • For No Reason?

    To start with I am not a Atlas Honda fan, But!

    Please get your facts checked! I am from the local vendor industry and one of the largest suppliers of critical engine and transmission parts to the local OEMs. Prices depend on alot of factors. there is whole chain. For example we have increased the price of our supplied parts upto 10% as People’s Steel mill (the only steel mill which can produce special steel in Pak) has drastically and suddenly increased its price. The dollar rate has skyrocketed hence the price of all the inputs like tools, inserts,machiney maintenance, packing material, coating, paints,etc which goes into making the localized parts have gone up drastically.

    It is very easy to say “For No Reason”. Its not in favour of any company to increase prices like this but keeping in view the current economic situation and Dollar Rate, there is no other way possible. In the end I would just say ” IT NEVER WITHOUT REASONS”

  • Logon ko chaheya k in bycotte krn ye bins kidi reason k every month price increase kr daty hen or saal bike ma sticker k siwa kuch b naya nai hota or parts ki quality low hoti ja rahi hy

  • India is giving a vast range of standard bikes in these prices. Even you can buy a good family car in these prices in which homda is selling its 1947 bikes. They are just changimg the logos and launch model every year.. Hahaha disgusting. Infact this is a mafia in pakistan. No one can enter in pakistani market which can ease poor people.

  • The Federal Government of Pakistan must immediately allow SMEs of Bike industry to start Plastic Body Scooties manufacturing under discounted tax rates with the help and support of Wuxi and Chongqing based Chinese industry through Joint Ventures – JVs and Technical Collaboration Agreement – TCAs.
    Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers – APMA appeals for SMEs of Motorcycles Industry of Pakistan to The Chinese Government and the respected Chinese Bike industry to invest in Plastic Body Parts of Scooties, Electric Bikes Plastic Parts and Main Frame of these new technologies models in Pakistan, our poor segment of the society needs cheaper Electric Scooties in terms of cost immediately, with joint ventures and TCAs of Chinese investors in Pakistan.
    Muhammad Sabir Shaikh
    [email protected]

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