Prices of Branded Items at Utility Stores Substantially Increased

The prices of several branded items have been substantially increased at utility stores across the country. The new prices will take effect from today.

The prices of tea, milk, spices, toothpastes, honey, shampoos, and other branded items have witnessed a significant hike. The price of 950 grams of branded tea has been increased by up to Rs. 198.

The price of one liter of branded milk has been increased by up to Rs. 20, from Rs. 177 to Rs. 197, while the price of a 260-gram jar of honey has been increased by Rs. 115, taking it from Rs. 310 to Rs. 425.

Moreover, the prices of different brands of shampoos have increased by up to Rs. 30. The prices of powdered milk for children has gone up by as much as Rs. 90. The prices of spices have also gone up.

  • They should abolish Utility Store Corporation. It become more corrupt and useless for the purpose winch it was created. It is doing more harm then good for poor public. Selling subsidized items to Looters Mafia and Parchoon Stores.
    After all Its our tax money which is given for subsidy to this worthless.

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