Pakistani Squash Stars Fear Dip in Ranking Due to Negligence in Visa Issuance

Pakistan’s squash player, Mohammad Asim Khan, has asked the relevant authorities to issue him a visa for Australia before Friday, claiming that withdrawing from the event will result in a drop in his ranking.

The national player, who is scheduled to fly to Australia on August 14 for an international competition, wrote on Twitter that he would have to pull out of the competition if he didn’t receive his visa by Friday.

“Supposed to travel to Australia on Sunday but didn’t get my visa yet, if I didn’t get it till Friday then I’ll have to withdraw and this disciplinary zero will affect my ranking badly for a year. One of the biggest issues we athletes face. Share if you know any ambassador.”

This is not the first time Pakistani players have faced a similar issue. Earlier this year, Pakistan hockey coach, Siegfried Aikman, faced visa issues before visiting Pakistan for the Commonwealth Games training camp.

Meanwhile, another squash player, Noorena Shams, has also asked the government to assist her in obtaining a visa.