Bad News for Gamers: Govt is Increasing Taxes on Graphics Cards

It’s been a while since the global GPU shortage ended thanks to the recent cryptocurrency crash and diminishing demand for graphics cards. Many GPUs from Nvidia and AMD are now available at their original price (MSRP) and some are even cheaper than their original price tags as companies struggle to clear their stocks before they launch new cards.

The market has mostly recovered but graphics cards in Pakistan are still going for ridiculous rates and it is only going to get worse. This is because the government and Pakistan Customs have just added duties and taxes on the import of graphics cards.

In the past, there was no official valuation ruling or assessment guidelines on GPUs by Pakistan Customs, but there will be heavy taxes now. Here is how duties on graphics cards will be assessed at customs from now on. It varies by the VRAM capacity of a GPU.

  • 4GB = $65
  • 6GB = $98
  • 8GB = $198
  • 10GB = $262
  • 12GB = $382
  • 16GB = $468
  • 24GB = $542

How Taxes Will be Calculated

The exact duties are calculated by multiplying the total assessed value of a card by 36% and then multiplied by the current USD exchange rate. For example, Nvidia RTX 3080 has 10GB VRAM, so you would multiply $262 with 36%, which is $94.32. The final result is then multiplied by USD’s current value to calculate its worth in PKR ($94.32 x 215 = Rs. 20,278).

Furthermore, it was also revealed that Pakistan Customs has taken up to 700 RTX graphics cards in custody. These have been locked up for over 60 days in their warehouses. The authority has also imposed heavy fines of up to Rs. 4 million on local distributors.

In short, graphics cards in Pakistan are only going to get more expensive moving forward and the situation is not expected to get any better anytime soon.

  • my suggestion is whoever can, just runaway from this country… its economy is imploding due to idiotic policies of idiots in charge…

    • Running away doesn’t solve the problem and it’s not a bad thing to control your imports if you can’t pay extra then you should reconsider your choices

  • Those who need such gpus will manage anyway. But these institutions will be begging for tax money from the same people who were already heavily taxed. Glad for those who didn’t isnt opt to be filers. Good luck to those who did!

  • So an RTX 3060(12gb vram) is gonna get taxed higher than an RTX 3080 (10gb Vram) which is 100% more expensive and 100% faster.. and what about gddr5,6,6x. Bravo! way to go boomers.. lets run this generation into ground like your’s did to Pakistan.

  • Can I still order rtx 3080 ti from amazon , I mean will they not compensate in the shipping process

  • close