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2021 Vs. 2022: Price Comparison of Kia Sportage and Its Competitors [Updated]

The latest price hikes – just before the recent price cuts – have shifted the landscape of the Pakistani car industry. C-segment crossovers have witnessed a huge rise in prices, in particular, and have become niche products.

For a long time, Kia Sportage has been a top performer in its segment, with value for money being its hallmark. However, it is now a far cry from the cheap crossover that it once was, which also holds true for its competitors.

Here’s how much the prices of Sportage and its competitors have gone up since August 2021 (or since launch):

Note: This comparison only includes compact crossover SUVs of Pakistan.

Variants Price in August 2021 (Rs.) Prices in August 2022 (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Kia Sportage
Alpha 4,294,000 6,250,000 1,956,000
FWD 4,782,000 6,750,000 1,968,000
AWD 5,270,000 7,250,000 1,980,000
Hyundai Tucson
GLS Sport FWD 4,979,000 6,899,000 1,920,000
Ultimate AWD 5,469,000 7,399,000 1,930,000
Proton X70
Executive AWD 4,590,000 6,740,000 2,150,000
Premium FWD 4,890,000 7,190,000 2,300,000
DFSK Glory 580
1.5T CVT 4,229,000 5,610,000 1,381,000
1.8 CVT 4,379,000 5,806,000 1,427,000
Pro CVT 4,610,000 6,100,000 1,490,000
Haval Jolion
1.5T FWD 5,725,000 6,020,000 295,000
Trophy Edition 5,749,000 8,499,000 2,750,000
PHEV 7,899,000 8,900,000 1,001,000
Haval H6
1.5T FWD 6,495,000 7,425,000 930,000
2.0T AWD 7,499,000 (Launch Price) 8,499,000 1,000,000
Toyota Corolla Cross
Base Grade 7,689,000 12,249,000 4,560,000
Mid Grade 8,199,000 13,099,000 4,900,000
High Grade 8,399,000 13,419,000 5,020,000

A Widespread Issue

Earlier this month, HACL, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), Kia Lucky Motor Corporation (KLMC), announced non-production days due to a delay in the letter of credit (LC) approval for the CKD imports.

Also, the latest data from Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA) showed a massive decline in July 2022 sales. PSMC, IMC, and HACL witnessed a huge drop in sales, while Hyundai Nishat Motor Company Limited (HNMPL) didn’t sell a single unit of Elantra and Sonata last month.

Industry experts expect a further decline in sales in the future due to devastating inflation, price hikes, and recurring production halts.

  • I booked Sportage FWD in March 2022 and paid full price in May 2022 to lock the price but now they are asking another million rupees. Outright dishonesty and arm twisting. Really upset with their behaviour.

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