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Ministry of Power Pushes for Promotion of Electric Bikes

Power Division has pushed for the promotion of e-bikes in Pakistan amid soaring fuel prices and crippling inflation.

According to details, the division has submitted a constitution proposal that seeks a comprehensive plan regarding the promotion of electric bikes. It noted that, as of late, bikes are consuming $3 billion of fuel per year.

Power Division told Business Recorder that e-bikes would benefit Pakistan’s economy, as well as its environment by curbing excessive fuel consumption. The government is currently comparing the performance, prices, driving range, and ownership costs of petrol-powered bikes and e-bikes.

The department found out that bikes have an average fuel economy of 52 km/liter, while the daily travel average is 31 km. Furthermore, petrol-powered bikes are also a major contributor to pollution due to their carbon and noise emissions. However, given their efficiency, reliability, and affordability, people resort to buying them instead of e-bikes.

The power division highlighted the following inhibitors in the e-bike normalization:

  • Non-availability of offsite charging infrastructure.
  • The cost of e-bikes is much higher than its comparable competitors.
  • Absence of formal sector financing products that include certain incentives from the government.
  • Limited charging capacity because of the technological constraint for battery swapping.
  • High cost of power.

The department has vouched for e-bike-friendly policies that could persuade people to move from petrol-powered bikes to e-bikes.

  • جب تک petrol bikes کے مقابلے میں e bikes کی قیمتیں آدھی نہیں ہونگی کوئی بھی نہیں لے گا

  • Existing motor bikes should be converted to hybrid bikes by installing motor on the front wheel. Existing bikes should be phased out in one year time

  • Dear, do such promotions, think while u were promoting gas stations instead of petrol stations, now u r promoting electric bikes, do we have enough electricity,,, already shortage

  • electric bike not good for utilization, here in no time schedule for shut down of electricity, if elect and bike engine combined fitted by company n price become low than may be proceed

  • If power ministry by any mean understand and reduce the solar equipment, electric cars and bikes prices, then it will practically help general public and national exchequer. Public transport on highways should be electric buses and if power minister succeed in this area it will be a great achievement for them. e-bike bikes upfront costs are very high for average person govt should provide subsidy on it.

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