Rescue 1122 Recovers Pet Cat From Flooded House

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Rescue 1122 recovered a cat during an operation to rescue 11 stranded people in Lower Kohistan yesterday.

It tweeted about the feat, highlighting that Rescue 1122 saves not just human lives but voiceless animals as well.
“Yes, Rescue 1122 personnel riskily moved the cat to a safe place on the river bank during the Bhapre flood relay and river flooding in Kayal Badshagai,” it detailed in the tweet.

The Spokesperson for KP Rescue 1122, Bilal Ahmad Faizi, told ProPakistani that the emergency rescue operation for the cat took place in Pattan tehsil of the district of Lower Kohistan.

As per the details, 11 people, including two women and two children, were trapped in a flooded house and there was no road to reach its location as the connecting bridges that led to it had been destroyed in the rains and flood.

The spokesperson stated that the Rescue 1122 personnel reached the place on foot after more than three hours in the mountains.

The cat was identified as the family’s pet and was also rescued along with the 11 people.

The rescue personnel safely evacuated them from one bank of the river in the area to the other side and affirmed that the cat survived the perilous ordeal and the rescue operation.

Relentless rains and ravaging floods have reportedly obliterated a large portion of Pakistan’s infrastructure and agricultural lands, including hundreds of roads and bridges, and have washed away nearly a million animals.
Despite the odds, a number of rescue and relief operations for animals have successfully been conducted as well.