Journalist Schooled for Remarks About Women Footballers Playing in Shorts [Video]

Pakistan women’s football team, soaring after their historic 7-0 win against the Maldives in the 2022 SAFF Women’s Championships, was dealt with a reality check after their arrival back home. The Women in Green, playing their first international football tournament in over 8 years, created history as they registered a convincing win in their third match of the tournament.

In what should have been a celebratory first press conference, things turned sour as a journalist asked the head coach, Adeel Rizki, about the Pakistani girls playing in shorts.

“This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, why did the players play in shorts, couldn’t they play in leggings?” the journalist asked.

Adeel responded to the question by stating that it is the player’s choice what they want to wear and the management had no specific requirement on what the kit should be. He said that some players put on leggings while others preferred shorts, as they felt comfortable playing in them.

The video of the press conference went viral on social media as the football fans in the country schooled the journalist for his unpleasant question.

Watch the video here:

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  • question to acha kia tha journalist ne lekin afsos hy un sb logo pe jo islam ko bhool chukay hy. modern honay k chakr mein nanga hona b psnd hy in ligo ko or islam k bare me wo log comments kr rhy hy jinko khud islam ki a,b,c b ni aati. in sb se islam k bare me basic knowledge b ni hy or idr comments me philosophy jhaarr rhy hy. Allah hidayat de sbko

  • When you ‘represent’ the pakistan flag and pakistan team then you are bound to follow the morals and values of the country. What is next from here? Should Pakistani women start participating wearing Pakistani flag in beach volleyball wearing bikinis??

    Also, all those questioning, why we don’t raise questions of islamic principles in other area, well first stopping engaging in Whataboutism and still to the point!! Secondly, questions are raised by people in other areas like corruption, lawlessness, Interest based banking etc. its just that some people are allergic to any islamic dress code requirements ordered by commands of Allah to Muslims!!

    Shame on you propakistani for only highlighting the social media comments against the particular journalist and not highlighting the ones which were in favor of the journalist asking this question!!

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