The City School Organizes Leadership Colloquium 2022

The City School Southern region recently organized its Leadership Colloquium 2022, a culmination of their school heads and the executive team representing the epitome of academic leadership.

A virtual special guest appearance by Wendy Cobb – one of the UK’s most sought-after educational consultants – has catalyzed the next-generation learning environment for The City School.

Various schools showcased their top initiatives in academics, sports, and co-curricular activities creating tremendous synergy in the entire network to adopt and continuously improve best-in-class practices.

The commitment and demonstrated impact of The City School towards holistic development of its students to become agents of positive change was re-affirmed.

Inspiring examples of Technology Leadership, Sustainable Future, and Human Values touched the hearts and minds of all the participants.

David Muir, Chief Academic Officer of The City School, unveiled the new standards of the School Improvement & Quality Assurance program that will bring individualized focus on every campus down to program, course, and teacher level.

On this occasion, Jahangir Firoz, BOD-The City Schools Group, said, “It’s an excellent initiative taken by our Southern region to bring all our schools on one platform which would allow each school to exhibit their best learning practices.”

“I have no doubt that The City School is maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence, while our alumni continue to lead and grow in their chosen professions across the world,” he added.

Firoz further gave his best wishes to all the school Heads for the new Academic Season 2022-23.

  • Infact city school had lowered their status after covid in terms of imparting basic education. My son and daughter both are studying in it.

  • I personally see city schools..n some other educational organization as a money making machines….what a shame

    • I agree absolutely In fact both City and Beaconhouse are literally sister organisations in more then one way.Both sisters have gone into the Business of Schooling to mint money .There system of Franchising speaks volumes of their greed.I am a very experienced educationalist and was Principal of BSS in it’s good old days.
      I have written so much about its golden past that its sickening to write about its faultsp0

  • It’s a very nice school as students get good education and other curricular activities there.I also want to do job there as a teacher.

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